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UK Living

Uk Climate
The British Climate is unpredictable and it can be very wet and cold for much of the year. You will therefore need to ensure that you have adequate clothing: a warm coat or jacket which is weatherproof, T-shirts or shirts to be worn under warm jumpers, trousers or jeans, warm socks, strong shoes and an umbrella.

UK Cost of Living
The cost in the UK can vary greatly. As a guide to what things cost in the UK please visit the British Council website. Lots of tips on how to keep your expenses down are available on the Glamlife Savvy Shopping pages.

Telephones / Landlines
There are two types of public telephones, one where you put money in and the other where you can use a telephone card. You can buy telephone cards in many shops, at the post office and at the Students’ Union shop on campus.

There are two different rates, one, which is full rate, and one which is “off-peak”. It would probably be advisable to make international calls during off-peak times (usually after 6pm and on weekends), as this will be cheaper. You can check charges with the international operator by dialling 155 before you call.

Tips About Eating/ Drinking in the UK

  • It is safe to drink water from the taps in this country.
  • Foods will be labeled if they are suitable for vegetarians/ Vegans.
  • Many foods will contain nuts. If this is the case then it will be mentioned on the product label.

Tips on how to spend less money on your food shop
Some ideas about possible ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on eating and drinking :

  • Eating in school or university canteens will usually be cheaper than commercial cafes or restaurants.
  • Cooking for yourself will be cheaper than buying ready-made meals.
  • When travelling, consider taking some snacks or a picnic with you.
  • Eating local and seasonal food is cheaper; it may be more expensive if you try to eat in the same way as in your home country.
  • It is usually cheapest to buy food from a large supermarket.
  • When you pay for your shopping in a supermarket and pay using a debit card (such as Switch), you may be asked, “Would you like some cash back?” Cash back is just a way of obtaining money, equivalent to using a cash machine.

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